Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Naoko Takahashi Named New Chairperson of Olympic Organizing Committee Athletes' Commission


translated by Brett Larner

On Oct. 19 a number of sources confirmed that 2000 Sydney Olympics women's marathon gold medalist and former world record holder Naoko Takahashi, 43, was named the new chairperson of the 2020 Tokyo Olympics and Paralympics organizing committe's Athletes' Commission, charged with presenting athletes' opinions and needs to the event organizers.  The committee promoted Takahashi following the resignation of current chairperson and 1988 Seoul Olympics men's swimming gold medalist Daichi Suzuki after his appointment to the Sports Services Agency.  Newly added to the commission was Sydney Olympics women's swimming team member Tomoko Hagiwara, 35.

The Athletes' Commission's duties include contributing an athlete's point of view to activities designed to promote the Olympic and Paralympic Games and to assist young athletes in making a positive social contribution.  Its next meeting is scheduled for Oct. 26.  Paralympic Association president Junichi Kawai serves as its vice-chairperson.

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