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Kawauchi Wins Second-Straight Okinoshima Ultra in Late Father's Hometown; Rushed to Hospital

translated and edited by Brett Larner

The 8th annual Okinoshima Ultramarathon took place June 16 on the island of Okinoshima.  452 runners took part, including 141 women.  First among them in the event's 50 km division was Moscow World Championships marathon team member and defending champion Yuki Kawauchi (26, Saitama Pref. Gov't), who crossed the line in 2:57:28.  Kawauchi's father Ashio Kawauchi, who passed away in 2005 at age 59, was a native of Okinoshima, giving the Father's Day race a special significance for the younger Kawauchi.

It was his third-straight year running the Okinoshima Ultramarathon 50 km, with a DNF after collapsing with heat exhaustion in the final kilometers of 2011's race and a 2:51:45 course record last year.  At this year's race, after crossing the finish line Kawauchi appeared to be suffering from heatstroke and was rushed to the medical tent.  He was then taken to a local hospital while being given oxygen.  Weather conditions at the time of Kawauchi's finish just before 2:00 p.m. were 24.7 degrees with 85% humidity.


curious reader said…
Is there a list with all of Kawauchi's races and times? He races so often, I can't keep track of it. I'm curious to see the times, paces, and distances he races and how often. All the best to him recovering from this race.
Brett Larner said…
There is a listing of his 34 races in 2012 at the end of the "Top Ten Japanese Men of 2012" article I published in December. 18 races so far this year:

Jan. 13: Mari Tanigawa Half Marathon, Tokyo: 1:05:31, 1st
Jan. 18: Egyptian Marathon, Luxor: 2:12:24 - CR, 1st
Jan. 20: Saitama Ekiden 3rd Stage (11.9k), Saitama:36:54, 2nd
Jan. 27: Okumusashi Ekiden 4th Stage (4.679k): 13:00 - CR, 1st
Feb. 3: Beppu-Oita Mainichi Marathon, Oita: 2:08:15 - CR/PB, 1st
Feb. 17: Kumanichi 30 km, Kumamoto: 1:29:31 - CR/PB, 1st
Mar. 4: Kanaguri Hai Tamana Half Marathon, Tamana: 1:03:12, 2nd
Mar. 17: Seoul Int'l Marathon, Seoul: 2:08:14 - PB, 4th
Mar. 24: Saitama City Half Marathon, Saitama: 1:05:52, 1st
Apr. 15: Honjo Waseda no Mori Half Marathon, Saitama: 1:06:28, 1st
Apr. 21: Nagano Marathon: 2:14:27, 1st
May 4: Kasukabe Odako Half Marathon: guest run
May 5: Toyohiragawa Half Marathon, Toyohiragawa: 1:05:45, 1st
May 12: Sendai Int'l Half Marathon, Sendai: 1:03:30, 10th
May 19: Gifu Seiryu Half Marathon, Gifu: 1:05:05, 14th
May 26: Kurobe Meisui Half Marathon, Kurobe: 1:03:58 - CR, 1st
June 2: Chitose Int'l Marathon, Chitose: 2:18:29 - CR, 1st
June 16: Okinoshima Ultramarathon 50 km, Oki: 2:57:28, 1st

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