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Four Years in One Hour

A retrospective video somebody put together on the college career of Toyo University's Ryuji Kashiwabara.  Kashiwabara won the Hakone Ekiden Fifth Stage, 23.4 km with almost 900 m of continuous climb between 5 km and 18.5 km followed by 150 m of downhill in less than 2 km, all four years at Toyo, setting new stage records every time except his junior year.  2013 will be the first Hakone since his graduation.  He is scheduled to make his corporate league debut on the Sixth Stage of the Jan. 1 New Year Ekiden.

"The most important newcomer...Kashiwabara looks poised for the most impressive Hakone debut [in years]."  
-JRN, 12/27/08


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