Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Toyota Jidoshokki Head Coach Seriously Injured in Storm-Related Accident During Practice


translated by Brett Larner

At roughly 6:50 a.m. on Apr. 3, Shigeo Hasegawa, 48, head coach of National Corporate Women's Ekiden champion Team Toyota Jidoshokki, was seriously injured when a 3.5 m-tall baseball backstop fell on him in gale-force winds at Toyota Jidoshokki's Kariya Training Grounds in Kariya, Aichi.  According to a statement from the police, Hasegawa and ten members of the Toyota Jidoshokki team were at the training ground for morning practice.  The backstop, used for baseball batting practice, began to fall over in the strong winds and Hasegawa moved to stop it from toppling.  A steel pole in the backstop struck his pelvis and lower back, breaking bones and causing serious injury.  At the time of the incident there was a strong wind warning for the Aichi area as a storm front swept across the country.

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