Friday, April 6, 2012

Olympic Marathoner Yamamoto Visits Governor Targeting the Top

translated by Brett Larner

Olympic team member and Moriyama, Saga resident Ryo Yamamoto (27, Team Sagawa Express) visited Saga governor Yukiko Kada at the prefectural government offices on Apr. 4, receiving the governor's words of support and encouragement.  Yamamoto went to Nagata High School in Hyogo and Tokyo's Chuo University before joining the Moriyama-based Sagawa Express team.  After doing much of his training around the shores of Lake Biwa he was the top Japanese finisher in March's Lake Biwa Mainichi Marathon, reserving his place on the Japanese Olympic marathon team.

Yamamoto went to the prefectural government offices with Sagawa Express head coach Tsuyoshi Nakano and Moriya mayor Kazuhiro Miyamoto, talking about the tough, hang-on-til-the-end race that got Yamamoto to the Olympics.  Governor Kada commented, "It must have been very tough running in the rain.  I was very impressed.  I hope that in the main event you show us all the same strength you gained training at our Lake Biwa."  Yamamoto told the governor, "I want to take another step forward in London and target the top eight.  If I can progress enough to contend in the front pack then I can go even higher."

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