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Weekend Track Results

Chugoku Jitsugyodan Long Distance Time Trials
Miyoshi Sports Park, Hiroshima, 9/17/11
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Women's 5000 m
1. Yoshie Kurisu (Team Tenmaya) - 15:56.39
2. Rei Ohara (Team Tenmaya) - 16:21.30
3. Yurika Nakamura (Team Tenmaya) - 16:22.40
4. Kaori Urata (Team Tenmaya) - 16:32.17
5. Miku Kugio (Team Tenmaya) - 17:14.77

Men's 5000 m
1. Charles Ndirangu (Kenya/Sera H.S.) - 13:43.50
2. Takaya Iwasaki (Team Shikoku Denryoku) - 14:08.47
3. Ryo Matsumoto (Team Shikoku Denryoku) - 14:10.47
4. Kazuo Ietani (Team Sanyo Tokushu Seiko) - 14:10.65
5. Akihiko Tsumurai (Team Mazda) - 14:12.81
6. Takehiro Deki (Aoyama Gakuin Univ.) - 14:13.43

Women's 3000 m
1. Susan Wylim (Kenya/Sera H.S.) - 9:06.79
2. Yoko Aizu (Team Shikoku Denryoku) - 9:28.22
3. Shoko Mori (Team Otsuka Seiyaku) - 9:28.97
4. Miho Ihara (Team Shikoku Denryoku) - 9:36.34
5. Ayaka Inoue (Team Otsuka Seiyaku) - 9:38.87

2011 Kinki Regional High School Youth Track and Field Championships
Ojiyama Field, Otsu, 9/16-18/11 - all distance races held 9/18/11
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1st-Yr. Girls' 3000 m
1. Yuki Honbo (Ritsumeikan Uji H.S.) - 9:31.16
2. Kotona Ota (Suma Gakuen H.S.) - 9:31.45
3. Asaka Iwai (Ritsumeikan Uji H.S.) - 9:33.11
4. Yui Fukuda (Suma Gakuen H.S.) - 9:38.36
5. Mizuki Matsuda (Kunei Joshi Gakuin H.S.) - 9:38.91

2nd-Yr. Girls' 3000 m
1. Airi Kiyomasa (Nishiwaki Kogyo H.S.) - 9:29.43
2. Risa Yokoe (Suma Gakuen H.S.) - 9:33.05
3. Mai Hirota (Ritsumeikan Univ.) - 9:33.46
4. Chika Okazaki (Hidaka H.S.) - 9:36.27
5. Nanako Kanno (Ritsumeikan Uji H.S.) - 9:43.76

1st-Yr. Boys' 5000 m
1. Shigeki Fujiwara (Nishiwaki Kogyo H.S.) - 14:57.08
2. Shoma Yamamoto (Nishiwaki Kogyo H.S.) - 15:17.19
3. Ryuta Hosokawa (Osaka Shoin H.S.) - 15:18.77

2nd-Yr. Boys' 5000 m
1. Keisuke Nakatani (Nishiwaki Kogyo H.S.) - 14:44.52
2. Yuki Hirota (Nishiwaki Kogyo H.S.) - 14:45.70
3. Saya Yamamoto (Shiga Gakuen H.S.) - 14:59.02
4. Hirotaka Ido (Tatsuno H.S.) - 14:59.10
5. Kosei Shirokoshi (Ritsumeikan H.S.) - 15:02.13


Most-Read This Week

Kariuki Cracks Course Record at 30th Anniversary Ageo City Half Marathon

2017 Kanto Regionals 10000 m and half marathon D2 champion Simon Kariuki (Nihon Yakka Univ.)  overcame windy conditions at the 30th edition of the Ageo City Half Marathon to shave one second off the course record, winning in a PB 1:01:25.

Kariuki and 2017 Kanto Regionals D1 5000 m and 10000 m champ Patrick Mathenge Wambui (Nihon Univ.) took it out in the first km, setting up a fascinating duel between Kanto's top two collegiate men on the track.

Led by Hayato Seki, star runner of this year's Izumo Ekiden champ Tokai University in his half marathon debut, the main body of the Japanese pack gradually relinquished the lead to the Kenyan pair, down 50 seconds by 10 km and continuing to drift back from then. Ageo has typically seen its lead Japanese collegiate men running between high-61 and mid-62, but nobody in the field seemed willing to go ahead of Seki and the runner on his shoulder, 2017 World University Games half marathon gold medalist Kei Katanishi (Komazawa Univ.).

Near …

Breaking Down the Best-Ever Japanese Marathon Times By Country

Japanese marathoners these days have the reputation of rarely racing abroad, and of rarely racing well when they do. Back in the day that wasn't true; Japanese marathoners have won all the World Marathon Majors-to-be except New York, and two of the three Japanese men to have run 2:06 and all three women to have run 2:19 did it outside Japan. Whatever the extent to which things did turn inward along the way, the last few years have seen an uptick in Japanese runners going farther afield and running better there than any others before them.

The lists above and below show the fastest times run by Japanese athletes in different countries to 2:20:00 for men and 2:45:00 for women. Japanese men have run sub-2:20 marathons in 37 countries around the world including Japan, with Japanese women having cleared 2:45 in 33 countries including at home. Breaking it down by IAAF label times, more Japanese men have run label standard times abroad, but women have typically performed at a higher label…

Kosimbei, Kwemoi and Shitara Lead Hachioji 10000 m Field

Nestled deep in the misty foothills of the western Tokyo mountains, Hosei University's late November Hachioji Long Distance meet has quietly turned into one of the world's premier track 10000 m, its A-heat never quite dipping under 27 minutes yet but still producing record-setting depth and the two fastest Japanese men's 10000 m in history.
This year's entry list is another monster, with 27:02.59 man Nicholas Kosimbei (Toyota) leading 17 men with recent times under 28 minutes, twelve of them Kenyan, three Japanese and two Ethiopian. Fresh off a 27:22.73 win at last weekend's Nittai University Time Trials, two-time steeplechase junior world champion Jonathan Ndiku (Hitachi Butsuryu) is slated to pace what is scheduled to be a sub-28 race, but with Kosimbei, sub-27:30 men John Maina (Fujitsu) and Rodgers Chumo Kwemoi (Aisan Kogyo) and five others under 27:45 including last year's winnerRonald Kwemoi (Komori Corp.) on the list the front end should go faster.