Wednesday, September 14, 2011

World Champion Ibrahim Jeilan Wins All-Africa 10000 m, Bitan Karoki Takes Silver

The article above lists the gold and silver medalists at the All-Africa Games 10000 m as Ebrahim Gashu of Ethiopia and Bernard Muchiri of Kenya.  According to the ARRS' competition rankings, these athletes are in fact Japan-based World Champion Ibrahim Jeilan Gashu (Team Honda) and Bitan Karoki Muchiri (Team S&B).  Both runners train in Saitama prefecture.  Ibrahim is cited as having won in 28:18.22, with Karoki just behind in 28:19.32.  Awaiting confirmation of official results.

Update: Ibrahim's coach Kiyoshi Akimoto just confirmed to JRN that Ibrahim did in fact win.

Update: Unofficial results.  These results list Karoki as 7th and Kenyan Kenneth Kipkemboi having taken silver, but that seems likely to be an accidental name reversal.

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