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Takabayashi 1500 m PB in Belgium

2011 Flanders Cup Gentse Feesten Meeting
Gent, Belgium, 7/30/11
Men's 5000 m
1. Brian Olinger (U.S.A.) - 13:32.74
2. Arne Gabius (Germany) - 13:35.90
3. Philipp Bandi (Switzerland) - 13:36.89
4. Tsuyoshi Ugachi (Team Konica Minolta) - 13:38.92
5. Stephen Furst (U.S.A.) - 13:40.75
6. Naoki Okamoto (Team Chugoku Denryoku) - 13:41.56
7. Chihiro Miyawaki (Team Toyota) - 13:45.97
8. Takuya Ishikawa (Team Chugoku Denryoku) - 13:46.30
9. Kazuya Deguchi (Team Asahi Kasei) - 13:59.14
10. Mohamed Mohamed Ali (Netherlands) - 14:04.44

Women's 3000 m SC
1. Korene Hinds (Jamaica) - 9:38.07
2. Stephanie Garcia (U.S.A.) - 9:41.12
3. Lindsay Allen (U.S.A.) - 9:47.03
7. Minori Hayakari (Kyoto Koka AC) - 9:57.51

Men's 1500 m Heat 1
1. Andrew Bumbalough (U.S.A.) - 3:40.35
2. Ciaran O'Lionaird (Ireland) - 3:41.34
3. Brandon Bethke (U.S.A.) - 3:41.60
10. Yasuhiro Tago (Team Chugoku Denryoku) - 3:44.16

Men's 1500 m Heat 2
1. Yusuke Takabayashi (Team Toyota) - 3:43.72 - PB
2. Raul Botezan (Romania) - 3:44.24
3. Malcom Hicks (New Zealand) - 3:45.67
4. Tatsuro Okazaki (Japan) - 3:45.85

2011 Aviva UK Trials
Birmingham, U.K., 7/30/11
Women's 10000 m
1. Worknesh Kidane (Ethiopia) - 31:08.92
2. Yuko Shimizu (Team Sekisui Kagaku) - 33:46.12
3. Sonia Samuels (U.K.) - 33:50.72
4. Tomoka Inadomi (Team Wacoal) - 35:27.79
DNF - Kim Smith (New Zealand)


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