Thursday, September 16, 2010

Kono Named to 7th Term as Rikuren Head

translated by Mika Tokairin and Brett Larner

Rikuren sources have confirmed that Yohei Kono, 73, is to be named to a 7th term as the Japanese federation's director at an executive committee meeting on Sept. 28. The new term, which will last two years, begins next April. This fall Rikuren will apply to the government for a new status as a semi-privatized corporate entity. Advisors on the move recommended that Kono's leadership be maintained through the transition period. With the exception of the director's position, Rikuren officials are currently required to retire at age 70. Under the new privatized regulations retirement rules will be significantly tighter, meaning Kono's 7th term is likely to be his last.

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