Saturday, May 10, 2008

3 Olympic Marathoners to Run in Central Japan Jitsugyodan Championships

translated by Brett Larner

The Chugoku Jitsugyodan Track and Field Championships take place May 10 in Miyoshi, Hiroshima Prefecture at Miyoshi Sports Park`s track and field grounds. 3 men and women from the Beijing Olympic marathon team are scheduled to take part, namely male runners Tsuyoshi Ogata and Atsushi Sato (both of Team Chugoku Denryoku) and female runner Yurika Nakamura (Team Tenmaya).

All three athletes will run the 5000 m on the 10th. On May 17th Ogata and Sato will compete in the men`s 10000 m, while Nakamura intends to run the women`s 3000 m on May 18th. The three Olympians are focusing on speedwork at this phase of their training for the Olympic marathon in August.

A complete timetable and list of entrants is available here.

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