Monday, June 25, 2012

Complicated Personnel Problems Ensnare Tokyo Marathon Foundation Chair Succession

translated by Mika Tokairin and Brett Larner

At a special meeting of the Tokyo Marathon Foundation last week at Tokyo City Hall, complexities arose which prevented the selection of a new chairperson alongside the election of other board members.  The Foundation, which came into existence in 2010, has been headed by Japanese Federation advisor Hiroaki Chosa in a position with a term of two years.

The Federation and Tokyo Metropolitan Government each recommended nine different candidates to succeed Chosa in his position, all of whom were rejected by the selection committee.  The twenty-one Foundation board members who were not among those nominated for the chairperson's position did succeed in determining the new temporary vice-chairperson.

It appears that this exceptional perplexity was the result of a power struggle within the Foundation between the Federation and the Tokyo Metropolitan Government.  Tokyo Marathon Foundation secretary general Eiji Ando commented, "We want to normalize this abnormal situation as soon as possible."