Thursday, November 20, 2008

Q-Chan 'Feels Strange' After Appearing at Arts Event

translated by Brett Larner

After retiring from professional running in October, 2000 Sydney Olympic women's marathon gold medalist Naoko Takahashi appeared at a Nov. 17 event in Tokyo to promote the release of the 'Chronicles of the Narnia Pt. II: The Tale of Prince Caspian' DVD. The previous day Takahashi made her debut as a television announcer at the Tokyo International Women's Marathon; her appearance at the Narnia promotion marked her first turn as a celebrity personality at an 'arts event.' "It's strange to see myself being discussed on the celebrity gossip shows," Takahashi commented. She views her new career as a fresh start, saying, "Outside of running, I'm a rookie at everything. I want to find something that only I can do."

1 comment: said...

A fresh start also means a new motivation. Without that, she can still do many things; make her living as a celebrity, and many more, but, I´m afraid, we won´t see her big smile anymore.