Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Maeda After 2:22:48 - "I'm Getting My Nails Done and Going Shopping"


translated by Brett Larner

A night's sleep and a day removed from her all-time Japanese 8th-best 2:22:48 at the Nagoya Women's Marathon, Sairi Maeda (23, Team Daihatsu) vowed to "recharge [her] feminine charms."  Of her upcoming plans she said, "I want a break.  I'm going to go get my nails done and then go shopping."  It was clear that she planned to reward herself, but during some light recovery exercise earlier in the day in Nagoya she continue to experience pain in her left wrist from the fall she suffered 15 km into the race, meaning that she would also have to visit a hospital for x-rays.

With Maeda's place at August's Beijing World Championships a virtual certainty, Daihatsu head coach Kiyoshi Hayashi indicated that they are already fully focused on her performance there, saying, "I want to emphasize her training.  She won't be racing much."

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